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Chronic pain, autoimmune disease, mental illness, insomnia, cancer, depression, anxiety: all of these conditions have a root cause, or multiple factors that contributed to the manifestation of it. 

Are you ready to look in unexpected places for solutions?
Up until this moment you may have thought your health was in the hands of doctors and health professionals who know better than you about your body, mind, and spirit. We want to show you another way.

Are you ready to step into the driver's seat in your health journey?
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A Message From Our Founder
Are You Ready To Change Your Life?
Secret #1: 
You CAN Get Well
You may have been told you will never recover, and that you'll need to manage your sickness the rest of your life. We don't believe it. 
And neither should you.
Secret #2:
Simple Skills Heal
Most dis-ease gets a foothold when a set of simple life skills are not being followed with discipline. We know you can learn these skills, practice them, and get well.
Secret #3:
Lots of Alternatives
There plenty of alternatives for healing the root cause of your issue. Sometimes you can find a few strategies that, when combined, eliminate it for good!
Our Experts Are Ready To Help You!
Yasin Choudry, MD
Holistic Psychiatrist
Jamie Guyden, MD
Bio Energetics
Dr Reba Eagles
Oriental Medicine
Dr Lauryn Lax
Gut Health & Nutrition
Neha Sangwan, MD
Patient Empowerment
William Morris
Oriental Medicine
Dr Nekeshia Hammond
ADHD & Children
Dr Devaki Lindsey Berkson
Functional Medicine
Michelle Norris
Paleo Lifestyle
Laura Bautista
Holistic Health Practitioner
Gary Stuart
Ancestral Healing
Allana Pratt
Stacey Lemire Martin
Johanna Lynn
Ancestral Healing
Cavin Balaster
Feed A Brain
Jacquie Nagy
Neurolinguistic Programming
Valerie Sheppard
Mindfulness & Self Mastery
Lisha Antiqua
Trauma Transformer
Nina Manolson
Body Love
Shonté Jovan Taylor
Kole Whitty
Whole Body Health
Mark Green
Veteran Resilience
Eva Vennari
The Healing Rebel
Dr Jason Rogers
Chiropractic & Yoga
Daniel Gutierrez
Self Mastery Expert
Kerri Hummingbird
Soul Guide
Jennifer Hough
Self-Sabotage Expert
Sheila Janan
Health Tip Girl
Judy Koons
True Health Detective
Anastasia Chopelas
The Scientific Healer
Debbie Pokornik
Parent Empowerment
Sharon Sayler
Courageous Communication
Jeff Caliguire
Habits of Hope
Harriet Cabelly
Living Well Despite Adversity
Beth Bell
Flower Power
James Garrett
Qazi Javed, MD
Holistic Psychiatrist
Sarah Crawford
Mark Alyn
Late Night Health Radio
Joel Wade, PhD
Happiness Psychologist
Tanya Penny
Occupational Therapist
Carla White
Sarah Anne Dordel
Indicos & Indie Empaths
Charmaine Hammond
Aja Trapani
Multidimensional Shaman
Odette Peek
Vulnerability & Authenticity
Astrum Lucis
Addiction Recovery
Andrea Rábago
The Science of Story
Sondra Kornblatt
Insomnia Coach
Brian Kurtz
Soul Healing
Dr Cheryl Hanly
Chiropractic & Wellness
Jennifer Finegold
Sharon McRill
The Clutter Impact
Drake Reno
Addiction Recovery
Dave Perrego
Opioid Addiction
Serenity Raven Wolf
Healing with Love
Dagny Grant
Self Image for Kids
Beth Donnelly
Empathy for Kids
Wendy Nolin
Recovering from Lyme
Brenda Bradley PhD
Plant-Based Diets

Dolores Fazzino
Recovering Healthcare
Dana Pharant
Unlocking Fibromyalgia

Tippy Felzenstein
Through the Pain

Donna Blevins
Mindshift Coach

Tracey Maxfield
Bullying and Mental Health

Rhoberta Shaler
Toxic Relationships & Sickness

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