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Get Back in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life & Your Health
We make agreements all the time—informal arrangements, understandings, plans, and negotiations. The quality of our agreements has a ripple effect on the quality of our lives. 

But assumptions and unmet expectations can lead to high stress, conflict and broken relationships. 

Research shows that stress causes or exacerbates more than 90% of all illness. 

Join Neha Sangwan, M.D., as she empowers you with practical tools to make clear agreements, not only in your personal and professional life, but also with your physician.
Neha Sangwan, MD
A Scientific Basis for Medical Astrology
Medical astrology is the use of astrology to inform medical practice. As a practitioner of Chinese medicine with two doctorates, Dr. Morris uses astrology to expand the idea of the sign. Medicine depends upon 
the use of signs and symptoms as the core of clinical practice. The symptom is what the client reports
and the sign is what the practitioner observes. Before the age of enlightenment, the use of astrology in medical practices was common. 

Explore the evidence contained within medical research that supports the core cyclical influences in astrology: the day, lunar month and year. Learn how medical astrology is used to inform and enhance practice.
As a backdrop to this discussion, the themes of scientism, belief and the nature of scientific inquiry will
be addressed.
William Morris, PhD, DAOM, LAc
President Emeritus, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine
President Emeritus, American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)
How to Help A Child with ADHD Without Medication
This summit will help parents learn tools to help a child who has ADHD. Unfortunately children are overmedicated in this country and medication has become a "quick fix" for ADHD. The reality is there are many other options to explore to help children be successful and happy, and Dr. Hammond will share tips from her new book ADHD Explained: What Every Parent Needs to Know.

Dr. Hammond has over a decade of experience working in the field of psychology. She has also been featured in various TV, radio, and magazines throughout the country, and she is the TV host of Parenting Explained with Dr. Hammond.
Dr. Nekeshia Hammond
Psychologist | Expert in ADHD and learning disabilities
Skills To Avoid Pills
Cleaning your emotional house has a lot to do with symptoms and reaction fed by Ancestral dynamics. Much of what plagues us is called unresolved systemic grief. There is a way out! There are easy practical steps to create boundaries form out PAST in the Present for a great FUTURE now!

Gary Stuart, Master Constellation Facilitator, Author, Speaker has been documenting his healing experiences over the past several decades.

His first book on Constellations Many Hearts, One Soul set the stage for his latest book Master Your Universe: How to Direct & Star in Your Own Life.

He Speaks and leads healing workshops and trainings nationally and internationally. Facilitating Distance, Family or Organizational Constellations are his Constellation specialty! He’s also featured on the Dr. Nandi Show this forthcoming Fall season.
Gary Stuart
Master Constellation Facilitator, Author, Speaker, and Radio Host at Conscious Connection on Blog Talk Radio
What Our Ancestors Knew Could Save Our Lives
Michelle and Keith Norris were on the flight home from the Ancestral Health Symposium, an annual academic conference. They came away inspired but lamenting the disconnect between the worlds of ancestral health theory and practice. Their daily work with clients taught them that there is a pressing need for a conference that helps people understand how to apply the insights of the ancestral health perspective. And so Paleo f(x)™ was born.
Paleo f(x)™ is a true holistic lifestyle immersion event, encompassing health and wellness, nutrition, fitness, sustainability, self-improvement, and everything in between. Suited for everyone from the novice to the expert, it is the largest paleo health event—and one of the largest holistic health events—in the world.
Michelle Norris
Founder, Paleof(x)
Never take OLD or ILL For An Answer
A female doctor's journey to regain her health and sight even when the experts said there was no HOPE Finding YES beyond any NO.

Berkson has been in practice in functional medicine, with an emphasis on nutrition, hormones, intimacy, and digestion, for decades. She is considered one of the early thought leaders of natural medicine, training many doctors, like MDs and pharmacists, in the science behind natural answers. She formulated Metagenics first professional female line. She was a scholar at a hormone think tank at Tulane and has published original research with the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. She is a research fellow with Health Sciences Collegium and a professor for higher board certification programs for functional medicine programs for medical professionals. Dr. Berkson wrote the first gut, mind, nutrition published by Wiley (Healthy Digestion the Natural Way) and one of the first books on hormone altering chemicals (Hormone Deception, Mc-Graw-Hill).
Her newest book SEXY BRAIN shows how human connection and the human brain is under attack and how to protect ourselves and children.
Dr Devaki Lindsey Berkson
Author of Sexy Brain
Functional Medicine Doctor
If you're looking for solutions to overcome life challenges using proven methods that replace pills, the experts in the Skills Not Pills Summit are going to not only meet, but exceed your expectations!
  •  Inspiration: Our experts will share inspirational real-life cases of people overcoming a range of life challenges (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) using proven skills and practices.
  • Resources: You'll receive access to solid skills from our experts that will open a pathway for your own journey to a healthy happy life.
  • Connection: You'll be connected with experts that can help you to get past the need to take pills to resolve your challenge.
How to Raise Your Consciousness So You Can Live Happy to Be ME!
Can you be happy no matter what is going on in your life? Valerie Sheppard shares her wisdom in this interview on how you can make the choice to be happy regardless of the circumstances you are experiencing in your life. Valerie survived a catastrophic stroke that temporarily prevented her from speaking and moving; and trapped inside her body without any control, she faced the ultimate choice...would she choose fear or love? 

Catastrophic-stroke survivor, inspirational keynote speaker, university lecturer, and CEO of The Heart of Living Vibrantly, Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery, Valerie uses the principles in her #1 Amazon best-seller, Living Happy to Be ME!©, to guide young people and adults, executives and entrepreneurs to happiness, success and fulfillment. It’s the centerpiece of her transformational practice, and her partnership with the University of California, Irvine where she's piloting her Consciousness-raising content in a ​curriculum called Living 101: Being Happy and Whole. She’s been featured on the cover of Eydis Magazine, published in 11:11™ Magazine, and is a featured Luminary on InspireMeToday.com™. She has also been featured contributor to numerous leadership and heart-centered living radio shows, podcasts and tele-summits.
Valerie Sheppard
CEO of The Heart of Living Vibrantly, Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery
The Brain Gut Connection
You may have heard "we are what we eat," but we are also what we digest. 90% of your serotonin (your feel good brain chemicals) is produced in your gut AND you have more brain neurons in your gut than any other peripheral nervous system in your body. In this talk, we'll discuss how food and your gut health influences your mood, and how to heal the brain naturally from anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, Autism, ADHD, mood disorders and everything in between.

Dr. Lauryn Lax is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Medicine Practitioner, author and speaker, with over 20 years of clinical and personal experience specializing in gut health, intuitive eating, disordered eating, anxiety, hormone balance and women's health. She is a published journalist and speaker, and her work has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, Women's Health, Paleo Magazine, Breaking Muscle, CrossFit Inc, USA Today, ABC and CBS News.
Dr. Lauryn Lax
Thrive Wellness & Recovery, LLC
Healed from Traumatic Brain Injury 
After waking from a coma, Cavin woke in a dense brain fog and began his journey to regain his abilities, autonomy, and his mind. In 2011 Cavin Balaster sustained a severe traumatic brain injury that left him comatose with less than a 10% chance of ever regaining consciousness beyond a persistent vegetative state. For over 6 years, he has devoted his life to studying metabolism, neurometabolism, mechanisms of neuroplasticity, neuroscience, and nutrition, while reaching out to doctors, researchers, practitioners, and neuroscientists, to learn everything he can to optimize his brain function and to maximize his recovery. He has recently published his first book, How to Feed a Brain, which is the culmination of the nutritional tools he has learned through this journey. Cavin wrote this book to share with others the nutritional information that has helped him to regain his brain function.
Cavin Balaster
Author & Speaker, Feed A Brain
Host, Adventures in Brain Injury
Mindful and Brain Science Backed Alternatives To A Healthy Mind & Happy Life
The Mind and Brain are the keys to our ultimate fulfillment, creativity and SUCCESS in life. The ability to get out of our comfort zone to pursue new adventures, professions, and entrepreneurial heights is 90% MINDSET and the rest is LEARNING new skills, Taking ACTION, and being Held ACCOUNTABLE.
Shonté Jovan Taylor
Mindset Success Catalyst
Be a Trauma Transformer for Yourself and Others
If you haven't experienced a traumatic event in your life, then you are very lucky. However, I bet you have. You have probably experienced something that rocked your world, shook you up and made you question everything. When a trauma hits it leaves us seeking answers, relief and questioning everything. Sometimes we turn towards 'experts' that do their best to give you sound advice, however, more often than not, their answers don't work for you. Other times we cover it up, and manage trauma's affects with pills or over working, doing, and compensating. Until, finally, when all these methods cease to help you feel like yourself again you try something else. Antiqua Lisha is here with that next step, the something else, you need to transform your trauma and feel like yourself again.
Antiqua Lisha
Founder and Chief Teacher at Your Own University
Ends Body Shame and Self Judgement
When it comes to how we feel about our body the...
~ body-shame
~ self-judgement
and never ending diet-cycle kills our energy and self-confidence.

What if feeling good in your own skin didn't require restriction, rules or deprivation? What might your life be like if your energy wasn't tied up in feeling shame or guilt about your food or body? Would you have more energy? Feel more sensual? Feel more confident? Would you have more access to your inner wisdom and passion in life?

Nina Manolson will talk about the real path to feeling at home in your body. And it's NOT a diet. 

Nina Manolson MA, NBC-HWC, helps women over 40 end their war with food and make peace with their body. As a Psychology of Eating and Holistic Health Coach she is a relationship counselor for women and their bodies.
Nina Manolson MA, NBC-HWC
Body-Love Continuum
A message from the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement, Kerri Hummingbird.
Your Life Leaves Clues
The family story is our story – in every way it lives on in us.
The emerging science of epigenetics helps to explain why  
we may think – “this is just my life, full of struggle or financial hardship.” We may say to ourselves – “I’ve always been let down in my relationships, I guess this is how it will always be.” The challenges we face in life are not ours alone, they are shared across multiple generations.
Johanna facilities transformative work that solves the emotional patterns that we all inherit from our families, and will share some of her wisdom with us during this interview to help illuminate the family patterns influencing YOUR life, and help you understand how to change it!

Johanna Lynn
Release Inherited Family Trauma Practitioner
Standing in Your Power Despite a Diagnosis for You or Your Child
Standing in your power when life throws something major at you, like a life limiting diagnosis, is never easy. This type of situation often awakens self-doubt, uncertainty and a willingness to do whatever the experts tell you to do. When the person being diagnosed is your child, the desire to just do as you're told is even stronger. Debbie Pokornik helps parents stay connected to their inner wisdom so that they can live the vibrant and powerful life they have come here to live no matter what is going on in life. Tune in to learn tips and tools you can use to stay confident, discern what's truly best for you (or your child) and live life fully regardless of your circumstances.
Debbie Pokornik
Host of Vibrant, Powerful Moms Show
Reclaim Health from Chronic Pain Naturally
Are you suffering from exhaustion, fatigue and chronic frustration? Do you have digestive distress? Is chronic illness, aches and pains part of your everyday life?  
You’re not alone.

Many women struggle most of their adult life with these chronic issues. You may have many recommendations to find relief, to no avail. Perhaps you checked 
with your doctor, read various books and articles, but nothing worked.
During this presentation, you’ll learn one of the fastest, most effective ways to boost  your energy and improve your health, with things you probably have in your kitchen…and a few you probably don’t.
Judy Koons
True Health Detective
Courageous Communication: How to Be Your Own Advocate
What if you could feel completely comfortable and in control speaking to anyone, anytime? Sharon Sayler, MBA, PCC shares her COURAGE communications techniques that immediately bring out your best and to inspire and influence the best in others. During this powerhouse chat you will discover how your nonverbal communication is affecting you and others. We will learn how to build safety and trust with others without saying a word and create messages that speak to listeners hearts and minds using proven techniques of gesture, posture, voice to increase their influence and confidence. You will leave this interview knowing how to develop strong relationships based on respectful communication.
Sharon Sayler, MBA, PCC
Host, The Autoimmune Hour
Founder of Competitive Edge Communications
Unlocking Your Habits of Hope
Discover how to discover and engage the "Habits of Hope" that both free your from daily downturns and lift you out of depression and keep you from going back. 

Jeff Caliguire has experience the darkness of depression and now speaks, coaches and teaches how to harness the power of hope and positivity in business and life. He is the author of the best-selling book, "The Habits of Hope: Self-Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose."

Jeff works with those seeking to unlock their purpose and build purpose-focused businesses, teams and lives. He does this as the president of Convergence Point and Convergence Point Wealth Advisors. 

Jeff Caliguire
Author and Speaker
Founder, Convergence Point and Convergence Point Wealth Advisors
Generating Inner Harmony to Gracefully Coach Yourself
Driving down a deserted highway something caught Jacquie’s eye. Witnessing a natural phenomenon in the night sky, she experienced an epiphany that burst her beliefs about mental health.
Until then, she was living in the shadow of her mother’s mental illness. Without skills to cope as a child, it impacted early development and overall health and wellbeing throughout life. ‘Hitting the wall’ at forty her MD prescribed medication giving her brain fog, compromised her immune system and physical health to the point she could barely climb a flight of stairs.
Refusing to be labeled, she began a journey of self-discovery. Intuitively she searched for holistic skills to heal mind and body together, as ‘one system’.
In 2008, she found those skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Jacquie's Holistic Self-Coaching™ program teaches skills to be autonomous, stay positive and healthy.

Jacquie Suzanne Nagy
Self-Mastery Speaker, International NLP Trainer
Indicos & Indie Empaths: Who We Are & How We Heal
Indicos are renegade spirits who are self-motivated, incredibly resilient, & passionate about creating positive change in the world. They also happen to be ultra- sensitive intuitive empaths who are often naive to their sensitivities, which makes them very prone to addiction & self-medication. Once empowered with awareness and radical self-love, indicos are transformed into extraordinary healers & unstoppable entrepreneurs.
Sarah Anne Dordel
Founder, Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce
Living Well Despite Adversity
Loss, adversity, challenge are universal themes of life. Nobody gets by unscathed. And so the key is How we can live well, and yes, even thrive, beyond our painful situations. 

It's an inside job and we all have the inner resources and strengths to build upon. During this talk, we will focus on concepts such as mindset, resilience, choice, attitude and purpose that have been exemplified by the many interviewees in Harriet's recently published book, Living Well Despite Adversity.

Harriet is a social worker and positive psychology coach. She has appeared on ABC and Fox News as a parenting coach and is one of the guest experts on WOR radio show, Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life.

Harriet Cabelly, LCSW
Founder, Rebuild Life Now
The Power of Mother Nature: Life Lessons Learned from Flowers
Mother nature speaks to us in many ways. Our only challenge is to quiet our minds so we can hear the wisdom. Unexpectedly in 2005 I began observational flower photography. Little did I know that I would begin channeling messages from flowers and receive simple truths to every day life.
Living in Bali, an island with an active volcano, has provided additional insights into the power of mother-nature and the energy matrix that we live in. This natural force is always present within and being reflected in nature. It simply requires we apply our intention for the magic to unfold before our eyes.
Beth Bell
The Flower Whisperer
The Power of Pause: How To Get More Done by Working Less
Learn what the world’s most productive and creative minds already know—that the key to success is working smarter, not harder. 

You'll discover...
  •  The brain hacks that super successful leaders use to stay focused, creative, and productive all day 
  •  The mind-blowing science proving that working smarter--not harder--is the key to productivity and creativity  
  •  The power of pause--and why you should schedule breaks to superchare your workflow  
  •  The best way to structure your workday to avoid burnout and sail through even the toughest projects  
  •  The science behind daydreaming—and how it can be the key to unleashing world-changing ideas  
  •  The habits and routines that world-famous artists and creatives use to keep their ideas flowing
James Garrett
Founder & CEO, Brain by Design
 Your Health and Well-being Depend on Eight Factors 
Too many therapies or programs, whether energetic, spiritual, or conventional, focus on solving one specific issue. You might work diligently on a program without success, leaving you wondering if you’re defective.

Recognize you are a whole being, not a series of parts. Energetically, if it’s in one cell, it’s in all of them. A lack in one important area in your life can energetically transfer to somewhere else, disguising the real cause of the condition you are suffering. Improving this critical factor in your life, a seemingly unrelated cause, can correct health quickly.

These factors, based on research from medical schools at top universities, have been correlated with longevity, well-being and health. It might surprise you of the eight factors that have been deemed as primary factors in your health, how you take care of your physical body ranks 8th.

In fact, your relationships are at the top of the list with career and creative expression next. Discover what the rest are and how you can find out what you need to do next.
Dr. Anastasia Chopelas
The Scientific Healer
A Diagnosis is not a Life Sentence
One in 4 American middle aged women take pharmaceuticals for depression in any given year. 

Though stigma still exists, it wasn’t long ago when mental illness was not talked about at all. Today we talk about how easy it is to fix anxiety and depression with a pill. 

But pills are not a cure; they only mask the symptoms, intending to make life more bearable.

Everyone says they want their life to be different but nobody wants to change. And for good reason! Your brain is built to keep you safe and change is an unknown to the brain.

In this talk I will show you how the brain and the subconscious mind are stopping you from making the necessary changes to get unstuck, and I will give you the key steps that, when taken, will supercharge your ability to make those changes and take back your life today.
Stacey Lemire Martin
Neuro Coach,  LMT, PNLP, PTT, CHt
Overcoming Pill Guilt with Self Compassion
One of the skills that keeps us healthy is compassion. This is also an important skill needed to recover from health. Before any change occurs, acceptance of what is currently present and manifested is vital. 

Not wanting to take medication is in basic human nature. Often times having to take medication for illness comes with an inherent guilt which can be reinforced by our society and our premorbid attitudes. To deal with this guilt is a vital skill to learn using compassion.

QaziJaved, MD
Holistic Psychiatrist
5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Mental Health
Whether it's anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems, irritability, anger, mood swings , or problems focusing and concentrating, mental health related issues can hugely impact your life. 

In this interview, we'll discuss a few things you can do NOW to take the edge off of the struggle. This bit of wiggle room might be what you need to assess your next life steps. There are a thousand things in life that make things hard and uncomfortable. Learn what you can do NOW to reduce the load of the struggle, upset, and stress.

Sarah Crawford, PhD, LPC
Holistically Healed from ADHD, OCD, & Diet Issues
My story is one of chronic pain, injuries, surgeries, medications, side effects, some bad luck, poor diet, depression, ending with the unlikely but timely realization that I don’t know how to give up. In my experience most people spend more than enough, mental, physical and emotional energy to heal themselves, they just lack the experience and expertise to make the most of their efforts. I want to educate those with chronic pain; mental, emotional and physical.

I have a unique background as a chiropractor, yoga instructor, tennis instructor, and personal trainer. That coupled with my life experiences has given me a unique set of tools to help everyone get a better handle on how to be healthy in this technological/pharmaceutical age. Healing with movement, nutrition, and intention, let’s learn from my mistakes, and continue to heal together.
Jason Rogers, DC 
Founder, YogaChiro

Taking Charge of Your Health
See if this sounds like you or someone know: You go to a doctor or healthcare professional without a plan. Let’s say you have headaches everyday. A traditional doctor may recommend you take Advil for the pain. The fact is most folks that go to a traditional doctor don’t ask questions. This segment of the summit is all about asking questions and questions and more questions. Why? Because you want to know what causes the headaches! Traditional doctors typically mask the symptoms of problems, rather than finding the root cause of the problem. This is the basic difference between allopathic medicine and alternative modalities.
When dealing with any healthcare practitioner - chiropractor to surgeon - energy healer to guru of your choice, you need to ask questions, get answers that make sense to you and make a decision on what you should do. Remember, this is your body, your life and your health. You are responsible for taking care of it.
Mark Alyn
Late Night Health Radio

Secrets to Living Stress-Free That Help You Live Pain-Free
Sheila Janan, founder of HealthTipGirl.com shares her top secrets for living stress-free. Having overcome two life-threatening illness herself and suffering almost unbearable physical pain, she’s a walking testimony to using skills not pills to heal.
In this segment, she'll reveal simple tools and skills any person can apply to get quality results in a short amount of time. Most all illness or dis-ease is stress related. Once you learn these skills and adopt them into your everyday practice, healthy living becomes a new way of living!

Sheila Janan
Founder, HealthTipGirl.com
The Virtue of Happiness
"A happy moment can be a matter of luck; a happy life requires virtue."
A human life that’s happy is not a trivial matter of being lucky, of getting what we want; pleasant pastimes or the absence of responsibilities or pain. A human life that’s happy is an accomplishment -- a triumphant, sometimes even heroic creation. Sometimes we have to overcome tremendous physical or psychological hardships. Sometimes we have to resist strong short term temptations or struggle to make sense of our path. As with any big, long-term project, a happy life takes work; it’s complicated and time consuming -- more like a great symphony of harmony and counterpoint than a simple, catchy jingle. To create a life that’s truly happy over time takes discipline, passion, and courage.
Joel Wade Ph.D.
Marriage and Family Therapist and Life Coach
Author of "The Virtue of Happiness"

Overcame Mental Health Challenges
Mental health challenges like bipolar, manic depressive, and borderline personality disorder are extremely challenging to overcome. Yet Kerri Hummingbird has charted the course to complete recovery, and she shares her Reinvent Yourself method in our Summit.
Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Tune into this talk to find out how emotional transmutation, perspective shifts, and an understanding of yourself as energy can help you flip the light switch on in the darkened room of your challenges.
As a social activist and philanthropist for over three decades, Kerri has been trained in energy medicine by The Four Winds Light Body School, as a Firewalk Instructor by Sundoor, and as a spiritual coach by HeatherAsh Amara.
Kerri Hummingbird
Founder, Skills Not Pills Movement
Soul Guide, Host, Author, Speaker

And it keeps going all year long....
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Helping Kids Develop Self Image and Empathy To Prevent Pills.
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Deep Healing vs Medical Treatments for Psychiatric Illness
Laura Bautista
Full Reversal of Ill-Health Is Available To Us All
Serenity Raven-Wolf 
 Lead With Love: Being Yur Own Loving Presence
Wendy Nolin
Recovering from Lyme Without Antibiotics or Other Synthetic Drugs
Jamie Guyden M.D.
Bioenergetics Medicine, Shifting the Way We Think About Who We Are
Sondra Kornblatt
Renew During Sleepless Nights

Allana Pratt
Vulnerability... Sacred Sexy

Kerri Hummingbird
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